And the Bride Wore Red…

Red’s a bold color, but some brides are willing to be bold. Even brides unwilling to take the red dress plunge and deviate from the traditional white or ivory gown are incorporating red sashes, shoes, shawls and more into their bridal look. And we ...Read More

Glittering Gold

Each week we fall in love with one particular color. Last week it was mint green, and this week it’s classic gold: not too light, not too dark. We see gold as an acquired taste. When you first see it you may be unsure, ...Read More

Fall 2011: Elie Saab Haute Couture

The recent couture shows in Paris have been nothing short of fabulous. We’re especially marveling over Elie Saab’s collection of dreamy gowns fit for a princess. And think of all the brides that want a wedding gown befitting of a fairy tail… It’s definite ...Read More

Romance in Campeche, Mexico, Pt. 1

There are two Mexicos. There’s Mexico with white, sandy beaches alongside new, spotless resorts. And there’s Old Mexico, a truer Mexico, with historic buildings and intense culture and colors. We’re visiting the latter today in Campeche, Mexico for our second stop on our Weddings ...Read More

Red, White & Blue Wedding Inspiration

Though the colors red, white and blue together are the quintessential patriotic combination, they’re not usually realistic or common for a wedding. So instead of photos combining the three colors in cakes, clothing, etc. in this post we’re taking a different approach. Here’s to ...Read More