Inspiration: Cotton Candy

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Fairy floss was introduced in the late 1890s, and back then it was a pricey treat. Later on in the 1920s it became known as cotton candy. Spun sugar on a stick is popular at carnivals and theme parks, but because of its soft color, affordability and volume, cotton candy is a nice dessert/decor/prop option for weddings.

Even those without a sweet tooth can admit that cotton candy, in all its fluffy glory, adds whimsy to a celebration. We love fairy floss on desserts and drinks, as a voluminous backdrop on candy buffets, as favors in a bag with a personalized note, or placed atop cakes and cupcakes. How fun!


wedding cotton candy cookie pop, cupcake

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wedding engagement photo fair with candy

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pink cotton candy wedding favors, treats

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cotton candy wedding carnival backyard theme

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cotton candy wedding party cake and cupcakes

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pink cotton candy wedding carnival cart

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cotton candy martini, signature wedding drink cocktail

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