An All-White Palette

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A white-on-white wedding palette is sophisticated, timeless and chic. We have some tips on how to make it work.

Focus on texture. Use a variety of white and ivory flowers for an all-white bridal bouquet. For centerpieces focus on a variety of elements like vases, florals, candles and fabric.

Mix in one bold or metallic color if all white is too plain for you. Bright blue or dark purple accents on a cake, in floral arrangements and more can lend a certain feel to your theme; gold touches can have modern appeal.

Mix hues. Finding all white can be a tiring, not to mention costly, venture. Focus on flowers, confections and more in a range of white, ivory and champagne.

We hope you’re inspired!


The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook white-on-white wedding palette

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